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Physical Chemistry


JProf. Dr. Müge Kasanmascheff

Technische Universität Dortmund
Physikalische Chemie
Otto-Hahn-Str. 6
D-44227 Dortmund

Raum: C2-05-106

Tel.: +49 231 755-3743



Open Positions

We highly encourage applications for PhD, Master and Bachelor Thesis.

Please contact Müge Kasanmascheff for further details.




01/11/2018   Our group is growing! We welcome Shari to our lab and wish her fun in the lab during her PhD

30/08/2018    We congratulate Simon and Victor for their successful bachelor defence! Wish you the best for your master studies.

01/08/2018    We are very happy to welcome Dr. Yury Kutin and Melanie Hermanns to our group!  

15/06/18         We are extremely happy that our state-of-the-art 34 GHz EPR spectrometer with ENDOR capabilities is delivered and installed successfully

23/04/18         Müge gives a talk at the University of Bonn - invited by research group of Prof. Olav Schiemann.

17-20/04/18   Simon and Müge are off to MPI-CEC in Mühlheim to conduct some exciting EPR experiments

09/04/18         We are happy to welcome Christoph and Victor to our group! Wish you the best

07/02/18         Good news! Fonds der Chemischen Industrie approved our application for material cost allowances.

22/01/18         Müge gave an invited talk at MPI for Molecular Physiology. Was great to have interesting scientific discussions!

08/01/18         Simon and Müge will be in Freiburg during the week (RG Weber, Uni Freiburg) for TR-EPR measurements.

29/11/17         Simon, Tim and Müge are off to Göttingen (RG Bennati, MPI) to do experiments. Excited!!!

06/11/17         We are very happy that Simon joined our group for his BSc thesis. 

15/10/17         Tim has started his PhD in our lab. Wish you success and fun in the lab!

01/10/17         Our ENDOR unit has already arrived.  

27/07/17         Great news! Our application for two EPR spectrometers has been approved.

20/07/17         Müge present at the 20th ISMAR Meeting held in Quebec City, Canada.


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