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Prof. Spiteller


Introduction to the Mass Spectrometry I

principles of mass spectrometry, types of instruments, linking methods, history of different methods of ionisation, fragmentation reaction of important groups of materials


Exercise and Practical Course Mass Spectroscopy

Practical examples of different substances for interpretation of masspectra and own measurements at different instruments, lectures of students about selected themes by means of literature


Dr. Zühlke / Prof. Spiteller


Analytical Chemistry - Water and Soil I


Analytical Chemistry - Water and Soil II


Analytical Chemistry - Water and Soil - Practical Course


Environmental Chemistry


Priv.-Doz.Dr.rer.nat Kusari / Prof. Spiteller (English)

Environmental Microbiology

The course will deal with the following: general introduction to Environmental Microbiology,
importance and impact of microorganisms to the environment, useful and harmful microorganisms, relationships between microorganisms and microbial ecology, biodegradation and bioremediation and their practical implications, the principle of infallibility, antibiotics, sensitivity and resistance of microorganisms, impact and utilities of microbes to humans, fermentation technology, latest research news on Environmental Microbiology, future of Environmental Microbiology.

The course will comprise of lectures, practical courses and assignments.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Spiteller
Tel.: 0231 755-4080
Dr. Sebastian Z├╝hlke
Head of Laboratory
Tel.: 0231 755-4088



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