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About Us



Head of Laboratory

Dr. Sebastian Zühlke


Head of Chemical Microbiology

Priv.-Doz. Dr.rer.nat. Souvik Kusari


The  Institute  of  Environmental  Research  (INFU)  was  founded  in 1972. In 2010 the institute was integrated into the faculty of chemis- try  including  the  chair  of  analytic  chemistry  and  environmental chemistry. INFU initiates, promotes and carries out inter•disciplinary research projects in the field of environmental research, analytical chemistry and chemical microbiology.


Chair of Environmental Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry

We study  the fate  and  effects  of  xenobiotics  in  the terrestrial  and aquatic  environment.  Focuses  are  sources,  inputs,  persistence, transformation and metabolism as well as toxic effects of pollutants in the respective compartments. Within these projects new analyti- cal procedures are elaborated and validated to identify and quantify analytes  that  are  not  included  in  standard  protocols.  Of  special interest  are  compounds  for  which  no  or  no  sufficient  regulations exist. Furthermore, we are involved in natural product chemistry of plants originating from tropical and subtropical areas and associat- ed microorganisms producing secondary metabolites with biological activity.


Research projects:

Research on natural compounds from plants, endophytic fungi and bacteria



Structural identification of unknown xenobiotics, their metabolites as well as of biogenic compounds (GC-MS, LC- MS)



Imaging mass spectrometry of biological samples



Metabolism of pesticides in the environment (14C-experiments)




Veterinary drugs on the passage: pigs->manure->soil->water



Further projects:

  • Detection of veterinary drugs in ground water and reasons for their occurrence
  • Structural elucidation of bioactive compounds from tropical and subtropical plants
  • Input,  sources,  fate  and  toxicology  of  pharmaceuticals  in sewage treatment plants and surface waters
  • Effective  removal  of  human  drugs  from  process  water  in chemical industry by ozone



Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Microbiology

Introduction in Mass Spectrometry

Analytical Chemistry – Water and Soil

Analytical Chemistry – Water and Soil – Practical Course