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Chair for Bioinorganic Chemistry


Prof. Dr. Guido Clever


Technische Universität Dortmund
Anorganische Chemie

Otto-Hahn-Str. 6
D-44227 Dortmund

Room: C1-05-734

Phone: +49 231 755 8677
Fax: +49 231 755 8138



Birgit Thormann

Room: C1-05-733

Phone: +49 231 755 4624








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December 2018


We are happy to welcome two new members in the Clever Lab: Dr. Sudhakar Ganta, postdoc coming from the IIT in Madras, India and our guest scientist Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Eri Sakuda from Nagasaki University in Japan.
Both will work on functional coordination cages.

November 2018


Congratulations to Irene, Soham and Bo for winning the presentation prizes on the first edition of the International Clever Lab Conference!


October 2018


The Clever Lab goes social!

Find our hottest news now also on Twitter.


September 2018


Great news for RESOLV: The joint proposal by RUB and TU Dortmund University was selected by the DFG and the Cluster of Excellence in solvation science will be funded in Germany’s Excellence Strategy for the next seven years.



We happily announce that our recent paper on interpentrated peanut-shaped cages made it on the Front Cover of Angew. Chem.!


n2018-09bWe welcome our two new lab members from the south of China: Qianqian Yan, PhD student coming with a CSC scholarship from Fuzhou University (right) and Dr. Kai Wu, postdoc coming from Sun Yat-Sen University (left). Both will work on functional coordination cages.



For this years scientific retreat, the Clever Lab crossed the north see to visit the island of Juist: Great landscapes, intense seminars and a lot of fun!



We are happy to announce that Haeri Lee from Korea starts her postdoc in the Clever Lab. Her expertise is X-ray crystallography and she will work on functionalized coordination cages.


July 2018


The Clever Lab welcomes new postdoc Jacopo Tessarolo from Italy who will work on functionalized cages.


Together with groups from the RUB Bochum, the Clever Lab is part of the new DFG-funded graduate school GRK 2376 "Confinement-controlled Chemistry" which starts from the 1st of July.



June 2018


Our recent publication "Catenation and Aggregation of Multi-Cavity Coordination Cages" (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.) was highlighted by Dr. Emiliano Feresin with a short article on the website of the RESOLV cluster of excellence.


May 2018


Dr. Sonja Pullen started her project entitled „Metal Organic Cages for Catalysis Applications” (short „MOCCA“) that is funded by the European Union within the framework of Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions (MSCA). She will work on functional heteroleptic coordination cages for CO2 reduction.


March 2018


The Clever Lab congratulates Philip Punt for winning a poster prize at the RESOLV retreat 2018. On his poster with the title “Imidazole-modified metal-binding DNA G-quadruplexes - a step towards artificial metalloenzymes” he showed how to create designed coordination environments for metal ions on top of G-quadruplex structures.



Our recent publication "Hierarchical Assembly of an Interlocked M8L16 Container" (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.) was highlighted on the website of the RESOLV cluster of excellence. In a short interview, Guido Clever explains the significance of his new discovery described in this paper.


February 2018

We are excited to announce that our application for the second funding period of the joint project with Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mata, University of Göttingen, within the DFG priority program on Dispersion Interactions (SPP 1807) was successful.


January 2018


The Clever Lab is looking forward to start collecting diffraction data for crystal structure elucidations on its new Bruker D8 Venture single crystal X-ray diffractometer.


We happily acknowledge that our research activities aimed at understanding the formation of monomeric and dimeric palladium cages with banana-shaped ligands have recently received follow-up funding from the DFG.



We welcome our guest scientists Assist.-Prof. Dr. Shinnosuke Horiuchi and Assist.-Prof. Dr. Hironobu Tahara, both from the University of Nagasaki, Japan, in our group.


November 2017

n2017-11The Clever Lab is looking forward to start its measurements on the new Bruker AV 500 Avance NEO NMR spectrometer.


September 2017

 n2017-09bWe are excited to start the operation of our new Bruker timsTOF ion mobility mass spectrometer.


 n2017-09aThe Clever Lab congratulates Irene Regeni for obtaining a PhD scholarship from the German Fonds of the Chemical Industry (FCI Kekulé stipend) to support her work on dye-functionalized coordination cages.


July 2017

n2017-07We congratulate Marcel Krick who was awarded a poster prize on the ISMSC 2017 in Cambridge, the biggest international symposium on supramolecular chemistry. He presented his work with the title “Endohedral Dynamics of Push-Pull Rotor-Functionalized Cages.“


April 2016

n2016-04Susanne Löffler won the Young Researcher Award 2016 at the 7th Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry (MSCEC) for her outstanding publication (JACS 2015, 137, 1060) exhibiting the control of host guest chemistry in supramolecular coordination cages. The Clever Lab congratulates!





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Funding & Projects

ERC Consolidator Grant RAMSES

ERC Consolidator Grant RAMSES



EXC 1069





GRK 2376


Confinement Controlled Chemistry


SPP 1807

SPP 1807

Control of London dispersion interactions in molecular chemistry


DFG CL489/2-2


Interpenetrated Coordination Cages 


Past Projects


IRTG 1422

IRTG 1422

Metal Sides in Biomolecules


SFB 1703

SFB 1073

Atomic scale of energy conversion




Catalysis for Sustainable Synthesis