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Group Members


Personnel Overview
Name Building Room Telephone Email
Group Leader
Prof. Dr. Guido Clever OH6 C1-05-734 (+49)231 755-8677
Birgit Thormann OH6 C1-05-733 (+49)231 755-4624
Permanent Staff
Dr. Julian Holstein OH6 C1-05-729 (+49)231 755-3426
Laura Schneider OH6 C1-05-728 (+49)231 755-8680
Dr. Gabriele Trötscher-Kaus OH6 C2-05-329 (+49)231 755-3747
Kristian Surich OH6 C1-05-729 (+49)231 755-3839
Dr. Sonja Pullen OH6 C1-05-727 (+49)231 755-3978
Dr. Soham Mandal OH6 C2-05-181 (+49)231 755-3727
Dr. Subhadeep Saha OH6 C1-05-730 (+49)231 755-4531
PhD Students
Bin Chen OH6 C1-05-727 (+49)231 755-3978
Marcel Krick OH6 C1-05-728 (+49)231 755-8680
Rujin Li OH6 C1-05-726 (+49)231 755-3802
Philip Punt OH6 C2-05-181 (+49)231 755-3727
Irene Regeni OH6 C1-05-728 (+49)231 755-8680
Robin Rudolf OH6 C1-05-726 (+49)231 755-3802
Thorben Schulte OH6 C1-05-726 (+49)231 755-3802
Lukas Stratmann OH6 C2-05-181 (+49)231 755-3727
Bo Zhang OH6 C1-05-726 (+49)231 755-3802
Master and Bachelor Students
André Platzek OH6 C1-05-726 (+49)231 755-3802
Kristina Ebbert OH6 C1-05-727 (+49)231 755-3978
Sinem Sevim OH6 C2-05-181 (+49)231 755-3727
Temporary Members
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Shinnosuke Horiuchi OH6 C1-05-730 (+49)231 755-4531
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Hironobu Tahara OH6 C1-05-730 (+49)231 755-4531
Markus Gilles OH6



Former members/coworkers/guests

Dr. Susanne Löffler (PhD)

Dr. Mark Johnstone (Postdoc, now Postdoctoral Fellow at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden)

Dr. Julia Nowack (Postdoc, now Scientific Coordinator at RESOLV Cluster of Excellence RUB Bochum/TU Dortmund)

Kai Terlinde (Bachelor)

Katharina Rohlf (Bachelor)

Ertugrul Yalcin (Bachelor)

Dr. Witold Bloch (Postdoc, now independent research group leader (Ramsay fellow) at the University of Adelaide, Australia)

Dr. Rongmei Zhu (PhD, now Assistant Professor in the group of Prof. Huan Pang at Yangzhou University, China)

Dr. David Engelhard (PhD)

Alena Rasche (Master)

Halil Calik (Bachelor)

Dr. Fernanda Pereira (PhD, now Postdoctoral Fellow in the group of Prof. Hendrik Dietz, TU München)

Dr. Marina Frank (PhD)

Dr. Muxin Han (PhD, now at Sasol Germany, Hamburg)

Anex Jose (Exchange student from IISER Kolkata)

Dr. Yoko Abe (Postdoc, now at Teijin Limited, Japan)

Yohei Hattori (Exchange PhD student from The University of Tokyo)

Sabine Malzkuhn (Master, now PhD student in the group of Oliver Wenger, University of Basel, Switzerland)

Eike Schwarze (PhD)

Mirco Weber (Bachelor)

Kalyan Dhara (Exchange PhD Student from IISER Kolkata)

Anqi Chen (Master, now at Merck Serono, Shanghai)

Sabrina Freye (Master)

Andreas Delzer (Bachelor)

Sayaka Shoji (Bachelor)

Nils Meyer (Bachelor)

Ilker Balcioglu (Bachelor)

Kristof Grohe (Bachelor)

David Disterheft (Bachelor)

Anna Torras Galán (Erasmus student)

Thomas Fallows (Erasmus student)