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ERC Consolidator Grant RAMSES

ramses1_300Reactivity and Assembly of Multifunctional, Stimuli-responsive Encapsulation Structures



In biochemical systems, combinations of specialized molecular entities are precisely arranged in space to give highly complex architectures. Sophisticated functionality, such as the selective chemical transformation of substrates inside enzymes, emerges from the interplay of the individual components that are often grouped around a nanoscopic cavity. Furthermore, control mechanisms based on the cooperative binding of signal substances may regulate the enzyme’s action.

Since the advent of supramolecular chemistry, scientists construct artificial systems with ever increasing complexity and functionality that promise to serve as the basis for future developments in bottom-up nanotechnology with applications in medicine (e.g. targeted drug delivery), smart diagnostics, catalysis, material science, molecular photonics, electronics and data processing.

Metal-mediated self-assembly is a mature technique to construct such discrete, nanosized objects. So far, however, the implementation of one type of organic ligand at a time is dominating the reported, highly symmetric structures, while the tailored integration of a set of different ligands requires sophisticated approaches to avoid narcissistic separation or formation of statistical libraries. 

Nature demonstrates that the key to the most sophisticated systems lies in multi-functionalized structures. To achieve this level of complexity with artificial systems, we develop multiple strategies for the synthesis of heteroleptic coordination architectures. As a result, different functional elements can be precisely arranged inside or outside the cavity and their interplay will be studied. Combined with our recent achievements in host-guest switching, we aim at adjustable receptors, controllable molecular reaction chambers and multifunctional photo/redox systems.



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    ERC Ramses Activities and press coverage

    (twitter account of the Clever Lab here)


    July 2019


    See this recent highlight of the Clever Lab research activities in self-assembly and fullerene binding in the UniZet magazine (in German).

    June 2019


    Our PhD student Bin Chen won a IUPAC poster prize at ISMSC 2019 in Lecce, Italy, for his work on fullerene binding bowls recently published in JACS.

    The Clever Lab congratulates!


    May 2019


    Wie macht sich die Natur Übergangsmetall-Kationen zu Nutze? Welche Relevanz haben Selten Erdmetalle wie Europium und Gadolinium in biologischen Markierungsexperimenten und der medizinischen Bildgebung? Welche spannende Chemie kann in künstlichen Nanokäfigen auf Basis von Galliumkomplexen durchgeführt werden?

    Hierzu konnte US Chemiker Ken Raymond in den letzten zwei Wochen als erster “Mercator Fellow” des GRK2376, in welchem sich Wissenschaftler von Ruhr-Uni Bochum und TU Dortmund mit chemischen Reaktionen in nanometergroßen Hohlräumen und Kompartimenten beschäftigen, spannende Antworten liefern.   Mehr hier.




    February 2019


    Congratulations to PhD student Irene Regeni who was awarded with a poster prize at SupraChem 2019 in Würzburg. Her work on dye-based coordination cages was awarded in the category "Molecular Cages, Switches and Machines" and the prize offered from Springer was presented by Prof. Dr. Markus Albrecht, Editor of J. Incl. Phenom. Macrocycl. Chem.

    December 2018


    We congratulate Irene Regeni who was awarded a poster prize on the Supe@Lyon 2018, a popular international symposium on supramolecular chemistry. She presented her interesting work with the title "Self-assembled [Pd2L4] coordination cages based on well-known organic dyes." The prize was handed over by Nobel laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart!


    July 2017

    n2017-07We congratulate Marcel Krick who was awarded a poster prize on the ISMSC 2017 in Cambridge, the biggest international symposium on supramolecular chemistry. He presented his work with the title “Endohedral Dynamics of Push-Pull Rotor-Functionalized Cages.“


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    ERC Consolidator Grant RAMSES

    ERC Consolidator Grant RAMSES