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Center for Mass Spectrometry

The Center for Mass Spectrometry (CMS) provides support to the research community at the TU Dortmund University. CMS is a core facility of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and is located at the north campus. We provide expertise, equipment, support, and service for analyzing organic and inorganic molecules. With years of experience in chromatographic separation and mass spectrometric detection, CMS utilizes a broad range of analytical methods for the characterization and quantitation of various target compounds.


Faculty members and external partners can get access to the following CMS-services:

  • Submission of samples, if the mode of ionization and type of mass analyzer is known
  • Briefing of a designated workgroup member to the handling of instruments autonomously
  • Guidance to solve analytical/mass spectrometric problems


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Sample Transfer and Shipping Address:


TU Dortmund University

Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Center for Mass Spectrometry (CMS)


Otto-Hahn-Str. 6

44227 Dortmund